Barbara & Bob Cecchini

The Cecchini Ranch has continuously operated since the 1930s, and Barbara and Bob have been running it together for more than thirty years. Barbara obtained her degree in agriculture from Fresno State. She has extensive experience selling vegetable and field crops and researching their productivity. Active in California farm organizations throughout her life, Barbara was on the Board of the California Asparagus Commission for twelve years and currently serves on the Contra Costa County Farm Bureau.

Bob grew up on the Cecchini family farm and assumed sole ownership more than fifty years ago. He has a lifetime of experience growing asparagus, sweet corn, green beans, field corn, silage corn, alfalfa hay, and other crops and grains.

As you might imagine, Barbara and Bob have witnessed enormous changes in agriculture in their long careers, and that includes a shift from large-scale conventional farming to smaller organic operations that employ regenerative soil practices. Philosophically and in practice, Barbara and Bob are also part of this change. As mentors to First Generation Farmers and others in the Brentwood agricultural community, they’re ensuring the future of organic, sustainable farming in East Contra Costa County.
Barbara is also one mean cook in the kitchen—Brentwood locals say her asparagus frittata is worth more than the NASDAQ. And now you can cook like her-see our Recipes page, coming soon!