Alli Cecchini Erggelet

Alli spent her youth running around her parents’ (Barbara and Bob) 1,100-acre ranch and asparagus farm. After earning her degree in special education and traveling the world, she returned to her roots. In 2013, she convinced her skeptical parents to give her a few acres of land, and just like that, First Generation Farmers (FGF) was born, a place where food—and new farmers—could be nurtured in a different way than is typical in central California.

In 2018, an opportunity arose to grow FGF’s mission, and Alli and her parents acquired an orchard on the corner of Walnut and Concord (formerly Annie’s). It is now the home of the Urban Edge Farm and Farm Store. With this new farm, Alli looks forward to providing the Brentwood community with the best local organic produce and food products, helping educate a new generation of eaters and farmers, and inspiring others with her passionate commitment to farming, food access, and social justice.

Because Alli enjoys a challenge, she is pursuing her law degree and currently interns in Stockton with the San Joaquin County Public Defender’s Office. She is especially interested in criminal justice reform.