Urban Edge Compost Scraps
How We Farm

Zero-Waste Agriculture

Farms produce a lot of waste. A fruit-and-vegetable farm like ours generates huge amounts of spoiled produce, branches, spent plants, leaves, and weeds. Zero-waste agriculture simply means that nothing ever goes into a landfill that sits and produces harmful methane gases—instead, it gets tossed onto a compost heap, shredded into mulch, or otherwise reused so it goes back into the farm/earth cycle without contamination or waste.

We’re also careful at our farm store, where we go through a lot of paper products such as soiled cardboard boxes, paper towels, and plates. We make sure none of that goes to the landfill and instead gets fed to our worms. We take the same values into our homes as well, so all of our kitchen scraps and food waste go to the chickens, ducks, or compost heap.

And, since our farm and farm stand are mostly owned and operated by women, care is taken to use eco-friendly feminine hygiene products that are both reusable and compostable (having come this far, it’s worth going all the way)!